PUKY Design

Designed for children
And their parents

PUKY designs are carefully considered and engineered to suit the requirements of your child. For this reason, PUKY vehicles have consistently won awards over many years and have been voted among the most popular toy vehicles in their class by customers. As a specialist manufacturer of safe children’s vehicles, PUKY places a great deal of emphasis on continually developing its products. This development is particularly focused on meeting the ergonomic and safety needs of children at various ages. Even the choices we make relating to colour and finishing are intended to appeal to children to spur on their enthusiasm for using our vehicles and developing their motor skills – and that’s no doubt what will give you as a parent the most joy.
PUKY Quality

Quality for over 60 years

PUKY has focused on producing child-friendly vehicles for many decades. With unmatched standards in quality and safety, PUKY continues to set the benchmark investing exclusively in high quality components and materials. A clear example of the high quality we strive for can be seen in the high shine, robust powder coating that is used on nearly all PUKY vehicles. It gives our vehicles a vibrant colourful look, guaranteed durability and a high resale value. Last but not least, PUKY guarantees spare parts for its vehicles for a long period of time ensuring that your purchase will provide safe and long lasting enjoyment for your child.

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