Benefits in your daily life

Stay flexible with children

Young parents, especially mothers, want to stay mobile with their children and live life to the fullest. To make that possible, you need safe vehicles for your children; vehicles that provide maximum mobility for leisure and in everyday situations - through their adaptability, suitability for shopping and stylish design. Young parents don't want to give up their active lifestyles and look for ways to stay mobile with their children.
New mobility

Greater freedom
More joy in your daily life

Today, more and more cars are left at home especially in cities where distances are short. Parents prefer to stay flexible and spare the environment for short trips to the bakery or local playgroup. A practical children's vehicle designed to suit the needs of both parents and children is ideal. In one mode it's practical for quick trips in the city. In the other it's a chance for the young ones to playfully discover the great outdoors and gather their dirst life experiences - surely a more enjoyable way for mother and child to journey through life together.
The PUKY Principle

Better through experience

PUKY invented the push tricycle over 30 years ago. Since then, multiple generations of children have played and learned on many thousands of PUKY vehicles. Even more parents have enjoyed watching them. With this proud history it was clear - only PUKY could reinvent the tricycle. Decades of experience and continuous innovation in child oriented design, as well as the demands of active parents provided the foundation. Young mothers in particular have contributed, passing on personal wishes, suggestions or constructive ideas over many years. This is how PUKY creates unique customer oriented vehicle concepts for everyday use.